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How to install your new artficial grass in 5 easy steps!

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STEP 1: Clear Area
STEP 2: Base Construction & Measuring
STEP 3: Cut & Lay
STEP 4: Seaming & Edging
STEP 5: Infilling & Brooming
STEP 6: Relax

Artificial Grass DIY Step 6


Hand tools are fine for this in most cases. However, depending on the size of the area, accessibility and soil base type, this process may require machinery such as a bobcat or similar.*

a] The area is to be dug out to approximately 70mm (dependent on soil and lawn type) in preparation for the special base material.

For an average size lawn area, expect the dig out process to possibly take a full day (depending on the weather and the number of people helping).

* Ask our design consultant to advise which method is most appropriate for your project.

Artificial Grass DIY Step 1


The entire area needs to be completely levelled, filled with base works, levelled again, screeded, dampened and compacted. Here's how it's done:

a] Roughly rake or screed the area to to ensure the soil is level and to remove any rocks or lumps of soil.

b] Evenly spread base works across the entire area, to approximately 15-20mm below edging lines. This can be either crushed rock for a clay base, or bedding sand. Both are available from Grass Wholesalers.

c] Level and screed the area to ensure there are no dips in the base works you have just spread, otherwise your lawn will have dips as well.

d] Dampen the entire area. This can be done with a garden hose (depending on water restrictions).

Artificial Grass DIY Step 2b Artificial Grass DIY Step 2c Artificial Grass DIY Step 2d

e] Compact the area to ensure foundation integrity. This can be done with a hand packer or a motorised compactor (both available from Grass Wholesalers).

f] Hand pack the edging for additional support and strength.

g] Repeat compacting to ensure the area will settle properly in order to lay the lawn.

Artificial Grass DIY Step 2a Artificial Grass DIY Step 2e Artificial Grass DIY Step 2f


a] Roll out the lawn across the entire area, being careful to ensure the direction of the lawn is facing the same way.

b] Cut the material to the desired size and shape, which can be done with a Stanley knife or a similar tool.

Artificial Grass DIY Step 3


a] Reinforce the join with unique rubber straps or glue (available from Grass Wholesalers) to ensure there is no movement or separation from the joins. Ensure that these are completely unnoticeable. You can also pin the lawn if the need arises.

Artificial Grass DIY Step 4a


This process ensures the lawn keeps its stamina and enables the grass blades to tolerate heavy traffic while remaining lush and soft underfoot. The infill will also naturally spread with weather and traffic.

a] Defibrillate your new lawn in order to raise the pile or lawn blades. This can be done with either a stiff garden broom or you can hire a defibrillation machine from your local hire company to ensure the lawn pile is raised and consistent throughout the entire area. This is critical to making your lawn look perfectly manicured.

b] Spread approximately 7-9kg/m2 of fine sand and 2kg/m2 of recycled granulated rubber evenly across the entire lawn.

c] Brush this around with a stiff garden broom or your defibrillator to ensure it has been evenly laid.

Artificial Grass DIY Step 5a Artificial Grass DIY Step 5b Artificial Grass DIY Step 5c


Enjoy your time doing less maintenance... and more relaxing!

Artificial Grass DIY Step 6a Artificial Grass DIY Step 6b

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